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Diaphragm Valves & Repair Kits

Diaphragm valves come in a range of configurations to suit all types of pulse jet dust collector cleaning designs. Diaphragm valves use a flexible molded diaphragm to regulate airflow through the filters for optimal cleaning. The diaphragm valve creates a pulse of air that shakes through the bag, shaking off any dirt on the outside of the bag and cleaning the filter.

U.S. Air new online slots, Inc. can provide replacement diaphragm valves for any application. We also provide the diaphragm repair kits for these valves. Also known as rebuild kits, diaphragm repair kits can return your diaphragm valve back to peak performance.

We stock and supply a wide range of brand name diaphragm valve replacements such as:

We offer same-day or expedited shipping on a large selection of in-stock diaphragm valves and repair kits. Our wide range of in-stock repair kits come in options such as Buna, Nylon, Silicone, and Viton in the most common size dimensions available.

Take a look at our standard models by viewing our online catalog.

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To get the best performance, efficiency, and value from your next set of dust collector cartridge filters give us a call at 888-221-0312 or email [email protected] Here is a list of frequently asked questions we may ask you about your project.

Diaphragm Valves & Repair Kits FAQs


Check out our video guide for information on How to Replace Your Dust Collector Diaphragm Valves!

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